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This tool is very useful for viewing the source code of a website within seconds. It can coming handy for checking th meta tags of a website as well as to check for dofollow and nofollow links.


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About Get Webpage Source Code

A website's source code is its raw hypertext markup language or HTML code that lies beneath  the website's output display. This code makes up the framework of the website and what is displayed to the users. 

This tool can be used to display the source code of any website in a matter of seconds by just entering the URL of the website and hitting submit button to generate the source code. 

Why You May Need A Website's Source Code. 

Through the source code of a website you can easily get  lot of useful information about that site. Listed below are some details contained in a website's source code. 

Title Tag: Title Tags are very important to a website's On-Page SEO. Google displays these titles on its search result for different websites. You can check if the title tag is present in any website from it's source code. 

Meta Description & Keywords: The meta Description is ideally a 160 character snippet displayed directly beneath the title of your page in search engines. There are some websites which completely ignore meta descriptions and as a result, they don't get a high ranking. Use  our the Web Page Source Code viewer tool to check if a website has meta description or not. Also useful for checking the Meta Keywords of a website. 

Check For NoFollow & DoFollow Links:  You can also view the source code of a webpage to check whether it's link is nofollow or dofollow. You'll notice a similar code such as this rel=’external nofollow’, for a Web page with no follow links, and this 'do follow' for a webpage with do follow links. It is very useful when creating backlinks for your site.

You can also use the Get Webpage Source Code tool to find out other things such as Meta Name, Google Analytics code, Image Alt Tags, Google Adsense code and much more.  


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