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We provide the best solution for Search Engine Optimization through our platforms where in-depth SEO analysis and critical monitoring of websites can be done with just a click.

About Our Premium SEO Tools Platform

The Premium SEO Tools platform is equipped with more than 70 professional search engine optimization and website analysis tools that provides a quick and easy to use solution for website owners, bloggers, webmasters etc.

On this platform, you'll find a lot of very useful and productive tools that will come in handy for your daily needs such as Article Writing & Blogging tools ( Article Rewriter, Plagiarism Checker, Word Counter etc), Website and Search Engine Optimization tools (CSS, HTML & JS Minifier, Backlink Maker, Keyword Analysis and Suggestion Tools etc),  Web Design and Administration tools (XML Sitemap and Robots.txt Generator Tools, Website Reviewer, Webpage Source Code Viewer etc) and more.

Coupled with the fact that our SEO Tools platform already has all the essential tools you will need, it is regularly updated with new premium tools that will help make your daily website administration and search engine optimisation a breeze.

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About Our Website Analysis Professional (WAP) Platform

If you are looking for a reliable and easy solution for your Website SEO Audit/Review, then this platform is for you.

The WAP platform is our standalone PRO Website Analysis Platform where you can quickly do in-depth SEO Review/Analysis of your website or client's website to find out underlying SEO issues that are affecting the website's visibility and ranking high on search engines..

In addition to your ability of doing an in-depth review of your website on the platform, you can also do a side by side comparison analysis of your website and your competitor's website to get useful information from them which can be used to improve your website further in order to enable you rank above them. You also have access to download a detailed report of the analysis in PDF format which contains useful guidelines and suggestions for fixing the identified SEO issues.

Did You Know That You Can Make Money Using Our WAP Platform?

The WAP platform gives you the opportunity to make money by providing Website Audit services to your clients using the platform. Webmasters, Freelancers and even those who do not have good technical knowledge can make money easily using this method.

How It Works

  • Join our WAP platform. Click here to join
  • Sign up on a freelancing platform like fiverr.com
  • Setup a gig that offers website audit  at your chosen price, offering them in-depth Website analysis to find out SEO issues and mistakes with detailed report.
  • When a client places an order for your service, simply login to your WAP account and quickly carry out an analysis of the client's website with just one click of a button.
  • After the analysis is completed, download the generated PDF report and submit to your client to complete the order.
  • As simple as that....

You can also use some of the tools found in our Premium SEO Tools platform to add more value to your offered services.

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